Salem P.
I found Gerry very knowledgeable and caring re my conditions. I went to him for treatment of neuropathy and arthritic issues. He treated me with acupuncture and herbal medicines which I believe have helped. I want to continue further treatment with him.

Gary B.

I’m the world’s biggest skeptic when it comes to non-Western medicine.So when Gerry was nice enough to treat my arthritis, I wasn’t really expecting anything to happen, especially since this condition is considered untreatable in the West. He talked with me a bit about my condition and then prescribed some pills which he found for me a few days later, warning me that they were very strong herbs, and not to exceed the dosage. I started the prescription. Nothing happened for a few days which didn’t surprise me but after that, I noticed that the pain was subsiding at night when, for me, it is most noticeable in my neck and back. My knees, too, we’re noticeably better during the day. The pills lasted a couple weeks. That was almost a month ago and, strangely, the pain is much less than before, easily manageable for me without any treatment at all.This positive, helpful experience is changing my opinion of Chinese medicine. If you have condition which you would prefer to treat without drugs or surgery, I can genuinely recommend Gerry. I’m feeling much, much better. His practice was very helpful to me when Western medicine could not do much.

Lulu Y.

I have had chronic stiffness and pain in my back for many years, and had always resorted to regular massages to relieve the pain temporarily. Upon the recommendation of a friend of mine, I went to Gerry for some acupuncture treatment. In addition the treatment I received, Gerry informed me of the things I should pay attention to so that I can avoid having the same back problem in the future. Although the stiffness still remains, my back pain has disappeared after the initial session. I look forward to more visits with Gerry in the future.