Initial Consultation/Evaluation (New patient or not-seen for three years)

Spending 15 to 45 minutes (depends on the complexity of your case) with acupuncturist, Gerry Kuo to gather information of the various aspects regarding the source of the illness. Viewing the human body as a whole, we believe each small discomfort/imbalance in the body (if untreated) could lead to many chronic diseases. After the evaluation, you can choose to have an acupuncture treatment or, if applicable, to take herbal treatments or both in order to achieve the best result.

Acupuncture Treatment

An acupuncture treatment is a 15-minute session where acupuncture needles are inserted into the acupuncture points of your body.

An additional 15-minute session may follow immediately with adjustments to the needles. This is performed to enhance the outcome. (Optional, depending on your condition.)

TCM Herbal Treatment

After the evaluation, following the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, a prescription of one to three herbal formula(e) will be given to the patient. A one-week supply of herbal powder or herbal pills is approximately $10 per formula. We highly recommend taking herbal supplement to enhance the effect of acupuncture treatment before your next appointment.

Follow-up Evaluation (every two weeks)

Dr. Kuo will spend 10 to 30 minutes to evaluate the effectiveness of the previous treatment(s), determining whether it is necessary to make an adjustment to find the acupuncture and herbal treatments that best suit your current condition.

Two-week Accelerated Program

We want to help you to recover as soon as possible. With our accelerated program you will receive a half-hour initial evaluation plus a 15-minute acupuncture treatment on your first visit, followed by three 15-minute acupuncture treatments within two weeks. A $300 value package reduced to $240.

Our promise: We want to see you get well. If your condition does not improve after the two-week accelerated program, we invite you to receive additional complementary 15-minute acupuncture treatments, once a week, up to a three-month time period.


Contact information:

Phone Number: 415-636-7345